handmade in hebden bridge


Absolutely wonderful service!

Arrived promptly and perfectly and she loved it - a huge smile and happy memories of chasing hermit crabs in Milne Bay Papua New Guinea 30 years ago!

Justin H


Geckoman is John Noble-Milner

a wildlife sculptor

working in bronze and ceramics

passionate about the environment

a carbon neutral business

handmade in hebden bridge

using recycled metals

powered by renewable energy

offsetting carbon emissions

making beautiful sculpture

art to feel good about

doing less harm to the planet



Over the years we’ve met many wonderful and talented fellow artists and makers at fairs, markets and festivals.


And we love getting out of the workshop and meeting all the lovely customers too!


We can’t attend any events at the moment so we hope you enjoy our little online gallery of beautiful handmade things.




A pair of dart frogs finished and ready to send out. Such tiny differences in temperature when patinating the bronze make quite a difference to the final colour.

I like both of these, just waiting to hear which one the customer wants then the other will go on the website.

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  • Geckoman Art on Facebook
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