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“I believe that my work’s greatest success is achieved if it has the power to remind people that we're losing so many of these animals and their habitat at an alarming rate and that we urgently need to do something about it.”

As a potter and sculptor John Noble-Milner became know on the craft fair circuit as Geckoman when he started in business in 1997. Geckos still remain one of his favourite subjects.

John sculpts animals that look naturally poised. Capturing their character with a tilt of the head, a quizzical look in the eye, a fluidity of movement and energy; almost ready to spring rather than a frozen snapshot of motion. A grounding in biology and understanding of anatomy inform his work with a detailed, lifelike quality.

His bronzes are cast here in the UK using metals from over 95% recycled sources. Both his home and workshop are powered by 100% renewable energy and he subscribes to a scheme to offset all unavoidable carbon emissions. All this reflects his concern for the environment and his interest in the conservation of all the amazing creatures that fascinate and inspire him.

Geckoman, John Noble-Milner, wildlife sculptor and artist in Anglesey
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