Nicki T Photography

We usually share space with Nicki in our marquee at WOMAD festival. As Nicki doesn't have a website we've made this page for her to showcase two of her collections of wonderful photography. So, over to Nicki...

Lockdown: Diary days


Photography’s my tool to tell stories and my photographs tread a fine line between humour and tragedy. 

I am really going to miss being at WOMAD this year, if you would like to see more of my photographs please contact me at

I’ve never kept a diary before, I never felt the need, but the Corona virus changed all that. Back in March as lockdown began, I knew I had to do something, and what I could do was document and record my response to Covid-19. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but felt it was my responsibility to find a way to do so.


The photographs you can see here are taken from my diary and are best seen on a screen rather than a phone. If you look you will find the stories hiding in the images. You are the first to see them, it will be interesting to hear how you feel when you’ve seen them.

To date I have 60 complete “diary days” and many more in the making. Sometimes the image comes first, sometimes the words. I have been totally immersed in my diary, it’s become compulsive, I was never a news watcher - now I record Channel 4 news! There has only been a handful of days that I haven’t watched when it all became a bit too much. My diary has become my sanctuary, my sanity and my hanky. It’s given me focus and structure and a way to try and process my feelings of what I’m witnessing and living through. I’m continuing to keep my diary until . . . .

These photographs are printed using archival pigment inks on Epson professional acid-free luster paper.


My prints are mounted on acid free conservation board. To care for your print, display it away from direct sunlight and keep it protected in a glass frame as its surface is delicate.

Home Sweet Home


These photographs are part of my growing collection of Home Sweet Home.


The objects I use are much loved and I have fond memories attached to them. I construct new homes for my “cherished subjects” to inhabit, where they can shine brightly. These surreal mini landscapes tell stories of: wishing and wanting, of hoping and of loss. 

My titles are integral to my work, I use and alter sayings, phrases and clichés introducing a further twist of humour and/or tragedy, giving my photographs a strange yet joyous familiarity.


These limited-edition photographs come with a certificate of authenticity, telling the story behind the image and giving the technical information about the photograph.