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The gift card can be used to order any Geckoman sculpture. The work is handmade and delivery will be several weeks. 


The card will be delivered immediately on order but please note that the sculpture will arrive a few weeks after the card is used.


If more than one gift card is required add each separately to the cart.


Choose an image. These are blank greetings cards (15 x 15cm) for the gift card to go inside. The numbers shown on the top corner are for reference, they are not on the card.


There is an option to choose download only. You will receive a printable A4 pdf and the unique voucher code to include by email. The download is not automatic and may take up to 24 hours to be sent.


The gift card itself is just under 9 x 9cm and will fit inside certain geckoman gift boxes.


If you intend to buy one of my smaller sculptures and want to put a gift card in the gift box add a message to let me know so that you receive a large enough box.


If you are ordering a gift card to be sent directly to the recipient include a message.


The recipient can spend more than the value of the voucher when they order. If they spend less change will be given to them as a credit note with the same terms and conditions as the gift card.

Gift Voucher/Card

  • The gift voucher is on offer at a discounted price to mailing list members. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


    Sign up at the top of the page or check the latest newsletter for the current offer. 


    The recipient may take advantage of any mailing list offer on the amount spent above the value of the gift card.

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