This small tree frog is 6.2cm across and 3cm high. I’ve designed these frogs to look best when they’re hanging on the wall, they look like they could leap off at any moment. They look just as good when they’re sitting on a shelf or window sill looking up at you.


I’m getting the depth of colour on these frogs by using two glazes that flux together on firing and produce beautiful patterns. The photos show typical results, there is some variation because of their handmade nature. The photo with the coins gives you an idea of size, though the frog is from a previous batch so the colour is slightly different.


They’re stoneware so they’re totally frostproof, if you want to put them outside.


There's a hole in the back so they just hang up on a nail or screw, but they stick up very easily too. I recommend silicone sealer as an adhesive (you can clean it off again). If you put them outside, do use an adhesive so they don't blow off in really strong winds.

tree frog - stoneware pottery

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